Used cooking oil must not :

  • In no case be poured into sewers.
  • Discarded in garbage bins.
  • Discharged into the sewerage system.

Used cooking oil must :

  • Be stored in isolated and identified containers.
  • Be the subject of a specific collection for the respect of the environment by an approved company and accompanied by a list of removal.

Any collector or recycler of used cooking oil must operate in compliance with the law n ° 96-41 of June 10th, 1996, relative to the waste and the control of their management and their elimination. Waste is classified according to its origin into household and industrial waste and according to its characteristics into hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste and inert waste.
The mode of management of hazardous waste is regulated which specifies in Chapter IV the management of waste and its disposal – Article 25 “Anyone holding waste is required to deliver it, in accordance with the terms and conditions determined by the Competent Authorities to an organization public or private collection authority or to an establishment carrying out disposal and recovery operations or undertaking such operations in its own accord in accordance with the conditions laid down in this Law.




We guarantee complete traceability of the management of collected oils.


We collect used cooking oil throughout the Tunisian territory.


We provide a total guarantee of compliance with the laws in force.



5 years since its creation, El Baraka Tunisia to contribute to :

  • The energy transition by sustainably managing waste and energy through the design and large-scale deployment of local recycling systems.
  • The development of better living conditions at the level of communities and families of its employees socially.
  • The reduction of 1,200 tonnes per year of cooking oil used in drainage systems and wastewater treatment units at the environmental level.
  • Community development and the creation of new jobs economically.
  • Increasing the energy autonomy of the territories by accompanying our customers in all the steps necessary for the disposal of used food oils.