El Baraka Tunisia, offers a fast and clean service of collection of used cooking oil and used frying oil all over the Tunisian territory with restaurants, caterers, industrial kitchens, hotels.

El Baraka Tunisia is your local partner for the collection of used cooking oil. Our teams intervene to supervise the evacuation of your cooking oil. We also propose several collection offers with attractive prices.

So, are you a restaurant, a hotel, an industry, or a community? Do you want to reduce your waste treatment costs ? Are you looking for a reliable company to recover your used cooking oil ?
Every day, our teams travel all over Tunisia to help you, with a clean and fast service, to evacuate your used cooking oil.

We know how to meet your expectations and your specific constraints by offering a service tailored to everyone’s needs.

El Baraka Tunisie : Collecteur des vos huiles de fritures usagées

El Baraka Tunisie : Collecteur des vos huiles de fritures usagées
El Baraka Tunisie : Collecteur des vos huiles de fritures usagées


Our strengths :
  • Teams go on call / request or by regular cycle (every week / month).
  • Automatic collection frequencies.
  • Teams near your establishment allowing a regional collection.
  • The collection is established by our vehicles on the agreed date.
  • A clean drums for free is offered to your establishment.
  • A used cooking oil tracking voucher is given to you once the purchase is made.
  • A competitive purchase price of your used cooking oil.
  • A citizen and ecological partner.
Our guarantees :
  • We are an insured and an approved company.
  • We are part of an “Eco Citizen” approach.
  • We ensure full traceability of the entire collection circuit.
  • We opt for a sustainable development approach since used cooking oil that we collect will then be recycled into biodesel.
  • Our services respect all the standards of the regulations in force.


El Baraka Tunisie : Services


El Baraka Tunisie : Nos fûts de collecte

Catering and food professionals, restaurants, chip shops, hotels, cafes, bars, fast food restaurants, El Baraka Tunisia provides a local service of regular collection of your used food oil with a competitive price.

We put at your disposal different drums for the collection of used food oil ranging from 50 l up to IBC 1000 I.

El Baraka Tunisie : Nos fûts de collecte